Thank you for your interest in joining 1st Amendment Praetorian

We are a group of Americans with one common commitment: to protect and defend the United States of America, our Constitution, our patriots, and our distinguished history and future as the last free Republic on Earth.

You have found us because you know, as do we all, there are enemies, both foreign and domestic, who are determined to destroy it. As you can guess, they have already tried, and continue to try, to infiltrate this organization. For this reason, we are vetting every patriot who wants to join our cause.

We take this responsibility very seriously, and treat all information with the utmost discretion, using it on a need-to-know basis ONLY. We recognize that your current or former roles in life may restrict your ability to answer some of the following questions, though we ask that you complete as many as possible.

We will try to work with you to honor your oaths and obligations within the framework of this vetting process, and we thank you for your cooperation.

As a matter of security and to protect you, our members, and the organization, we conduct background investigations on all members. This includes, but is not limited to, social media searches, email address verifications, criminal background checks, human rights violations worldwide, and military service checks. Information will NOT be released to any other organization.

Your submission of this application implies that you consent to a background investigation. Should you require documentation to explain or provide mitigating circumstances for detrimental information in your background, please include this information up front.


Our organization is comprised of a wide range of people with a wide range of backgrounds. Honesty and proactive communication will allow us to resolve any misunderstanding. Should you choose not to provide all requested documents, we may be unable to fully complete your background investigation.

Have you ever been arrested and/or currently under criminal investigation or awaiting trial?


On a scale of 1-5, 1 being lower, and 5 being higher, how would you rate your current physical capability?  (This is to help us use your skills as safely as possible for you and your teammates)

If you have served in the military, please specify in which branch(es), MOS, and rank:

If you have served in law enforcement, please specify in which agency(ies) and capacity(ies):

If you have served in one or more intelligence agencies, please specify in which agency(ies) and capacity(ies):



Driver's License


State Concealed Carry Permit
Additional Licenses
DD 214
Additional Documents
Additional Documents

Thank you for applying to volunteer with 1st Amendment Praetorian (1AP)

Your application will be reviewed by our vetting team. This process may take up to 3 weeks or longer. We appreciate your understanding.

Understand that we are working hard to ensure everyone who volunteers with 1AP is provided excellent protection from doxing and we take our security very seriously.  In that vein, we are ensuring that all applicants are legitimate and have provided us with true and factual personal information. 

To do that, we require supporting documents from you.

What do you need as supporting documentation and how can you submit these documents securely?

If you have not submitted documents with your application, we require that you send that documentation in support of your application to 1ap.vetting@protonmail.com

Documentation that everyone must submit includes:

  • Motor Vehicle Operator License, and, 

  • Resume/CV. 

Where applicable:

  • DD214 (for prior service military),

  • State Concealed carry Permit, and,

  • HR218 (current or former Law Enforcement Officers)

We understand you may be reticent to submit this information – that is understandable. 

We here at 1AP use ProtonMail to ensure the security of our information. ProtonMail (https://protonmail.com/) is a free, secure, encrypted email service based in Switzerland.  We do not require our members to pay for a premium account.  We recommend this service to protect any information you send to us. 

Here at 1AP, we feel strongly about protecting your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and the only personnel with access to your PII are senior vetting authorities. You may redact your SSN, along with any other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) you feel may be an issue. We will NOT share your information with anyone outside of our organization. 

The 1AP vetting team includes a retired senior DEA agent and a retired senior Army officer. Both understand information security and are dedicated to protecting our information. We cannot force you to submit documentation, but for the protection of our members, we will not move forward without it.

What happens next?

Should we decide to move forward with your application, the vetting team may reach out for a phone interview or to request additional information. When submitting further documentation or updates to your application, please reference your name in the subject line.

We look forward to bringing you on board with our team. As Americans and Patriots, we all are excited about protecting 1st Amendment rights and supporting and defending our Constitution. We are happy to know there are more Americans who feel the same.


Rob Lewis